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Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend travel insurance protection for all our clients. As our travel programs to premium golf courses and hotels require advance bookings and prepayments, with the purchase of a Trip Cancellation/Interruption policy, you are covered for the amount purchased for non-refundable prepaid expenses for travel arrangements, in the event you are prevented from taking a trip for covered reasons.

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of travel insurance and urge you to take it out at the time you place your deposit and have the added benefit of the automatic coverage of any pre-existing conditions.

Our travel insurance company of choice for the past 25 years has been Travelex Insurance Services, an Omaha based specialist in travel insurance, which has consistently met and exceeded the high standards we demand of a travel insurance company with whom Golf International’s name will be associated.

Travelex through their Travel Select Travel Protection Plan offers a complete travel insurance package, providing several unique advantages to our clients, as the following outline explains.

1. Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Are Accepted when 2 simple steps are followed:

  • The Travel insurance is purchased within 14 days of you making your initial trip deposit to Golf International.
  • You purchase insurance for the full cost of your trip.

2. No Deductibles. All allowable claims are paid in full.

3. 10 Day Review Period. If you are not completely satisfied within 10 days of purchasing this protection plan, the insurance company will refund your plan cost, in full, as long as you have not departed on your trip or filed a claim.

4. Primary Coverage. Your coverage under this plan is primary and secondary to no other, meaning you make only one claim, directly to this insurance company.

Description Of Benefits
The insurance coverage is complete and specifically designed to cover the widest variety of eventualities which might confront the international golf traveler.

Trip Cancellation – Coverage: The total cost of the trip ($25,000 limit)

You are covered for the amount purchased for published cancellation penalties and unused, non-refundable prepaid expenses for travel arrangements, whenever you are prevented from taking the trip for any of the following reasons that occur after the effective date of your insurance:

1. Covered sickness, injury or death of you, your traveling companion, business partner or immediate family member.

2. Bankruptcy or financial default of an airline, tour operator or other travel supplier (other than a retail travel agency).

3. Strike that causes a complete cessation of your airlines services for at least 48 consecutive hours.

4. Weather which causes complete cessation of your airlines services for at least 24 consecutive hours.

5. Employer termination or layoff, affecting you or a person sharing the same room on your trip. Employment must have been with the same employer for at least 3 continuous years.

6. Terrorism in a country which is a part of your covered trip, for which the U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning which covers the period of your trip to that country.

7. Hijack, quarantine, jury duty or court ordered appearance as a witness in a legal action in which you are not a party. Excludes law enforcement officers.

8. Residence of you or your traveling companion is rendered uninhabitable due to unforeseen circumstances.

9. Burglary of your residence or that of your traveling companion within 10 days of departure or during your trip.

10. Felonious assault of you or your traveling companion within 10 days of departure or during your trip.

11. You or your traveling companion are called to emergency military duty for a national disaster other than war.

12. Traffic accident directly involving you or your traveling companion (substantiated by a police report) while en route to a scheduled departure point.

13, If your trip is cancelled by your travel supplier, you are covered for up to $150.00 for the reissue fee charged by the airline issuing your tickets.

14. Single supplement upgrade. You are covered when your traveling companion cancels or interrupts the trip for a covered reason and you do not.

Trip Interruption – Coverage: Up to the full cost of the trip ($37,500 limit)
If you are prevented from completing the trip for any of the preceding reasons that occur after the departure as stated on the policy and during your trip, you are covered up to the amount purchased for:

1. Any unused non-refundable prepaid expenses for travel arrangements.

2. One way economy fare to return to your original destination or rejoin your trip, less the value of the unused return air travel ticket.

3. Accommodations and transportation expenses for up to $150.00 a day for 10 additional days when a traveling companion is hospitalized or when you are otherwise unable to travel due to covered medical reasons.

Trip Delay – Coverage: $750
You are covered for additional transportation costs to join the covered trip or return home, including up to $150.00 per day for reasonable accommodations and meals, if your delay involves an unplanned overnight stay and/or for unused, non-refundable expenses for your covered trip. . The delay must be 5 hours or longer and certified to be due to; delay of the airline, a traffic accident in which you were not directly involved, inclement weather, quarantine, hijacking, strike, natural disaster, terrorism or riot, lost or stolen passports, travel documents or money.

Medical Expenses – Coverage: $50,000
You are covered for any accidental injury or sickness which manifests itself during your trip. Medical treatment must be received within 30 days and expenses are covered for 52 weeks from the date of the injury or occurrence of the sickness. Benefits will include expenses for emergency dental treatments up to $750.00 and advance payment to a hospital if needed to secure your admission.

Medical Evacuation or Repatriation – Coverage: $500,000
You are covered if an injury or sickness first occurs during your trip, up to the plan limit, for medical evacuation when your condition is acute or life threatening and adequate treatment is not available locally. This pays for your return home or to a hospital near your home, for continued treatment.

Baggage and Baggage Delay – Coverage: $1,000 ($250 for baggage delay)
You are covered for lost, stolen or damaged luggage and personal items, lost or stolen, passport and credit cards. You are also covered for any checked luggage, delayed or misdirected by an airline for more than 12 hours of your arrival at a destination (other than your residence) during your trip.

Accidental Death or Dismemberment – Coverage: $25,000
You are covered for loss of life, limbs or sight, due to an accidental injury while on your trip.

Travel Insurance not only saves you money if you have to cancel your trip for a covered reasons, lose luggage or are involved in an accident or become ill overseas, it also provides the peace of mind in knowing that you are protected should any of these unfortunate circumstances arise. We urge you to take the first step and contact us today for an insurance application form.

Travel Insurance – It Just Makes Good Sense